This time of year, the weather here in New England is truly frightful which makes traveling all the more delightful.  Cheesiness aside, a lot of people head out for the holidays or just to get away.  How do these people stay in shape away from home?  I’d say a good hotel room workout routine includes bodyweight circuit training and a few other travel exercises.

First, consider that one reason you probably exercise is so that you can look good when vacationing.  That being said, a vacation should actually be enjoyed.  It’s the perfect time to take a break from exercise, let your muscles relax (and grow), and just live carefree for a few days with reduced stress.  However, if you travel for work or just want to keep up exercise during a vacation for the fun of it, that’s when a hotel room workout comes into play.

Bodyweight Circuit Training

One of the most effective components of a hotel room workout has to include bodyweight exercises.  These are ideal for conditions in which you don’t have a lot of space or a lot of equipment.  Additionally, I find that you can perform a relatively quick, but effective workout using only your body weight.  In addition to helping you maintain muscle mass, combining bodyweight exercises with circuit training can also act as your cardio routine.  No reason to seek out the treadmill when you can work up a sweat in the confines of your room.

Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training demonstrates a bodyweight circuit that can be used in a hotel room.

Other Travel Exercises

Aside from using your own bodyweight, you can actually incorporate some resistance exercises into a hotel room workout.  Part of the challenge is working with what little equipment you have.  If you don’t carry any weights with you, your suitcase can act as a great substitute.  Depending on the size and shape of your suitcase, you can perform exercises like shoulder presses, front/side raises, bent over rows, or even curls.  For your legs, squats holding a suitcase will do the trick but you could also do lunges.

If you’re willing to pack some extra equipment and risk those airport baggage fees, then consider getting some resistance bands and kettlebells.  Resistance bands are easy to work with and allow you to hit your muscles at multiple angles.  Further, they take up very little space in your bag.  Kettlebells are obviously heavier and it might be enough of a workout just to carry your suitcase through the airport if you pack too many.  However, if you keep it simple, you could pack a small kettlebell and then perform a lot of one arm exercises.  Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell can help you harness the power of kettlebells.

Stay in Shape Away from Home

Don’t let travels derail your workout routine.  However, if you’re traveling for leisure, don’t be afraid to spend a few days away from exercising.  That being said, if you find the need to exercise away from home, consider making bodyweight circuit training and some of the other travel exercises mentioned above part of your hotel room workout routine.  For some more insights, download a copy of Craig Ballantyne’s free travel workout guide to see how he stays lean while traveling.

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