There’s no doubt that Hollywood actors and actresses develop some of the best bodies for their roles.  It often prompts the question of how these stars of Hollywood workout.  People in general seem fixated on taking their favorite celebrity’s workout and applying it to their own body.  However, a lot of people fail to consider a fundamental question: are celebrity workouts and diets effective?  Can a Hollywood workout really help you build a better body?

Best Celebrity Bodies

Great Hollywood bodies have actually evolved over time.  Decades ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger set the standard for a great body with every red blooded American male seeking to look like the Terminator.  Since you don’t see many bodybuilders who are celebrities, it’s obvious that the appeal faded over time.  The entire Hollywood look really changed with Brad Pitt’s role as Tyler Durden in Fight Club.  He had extremely low body fat, well defined muscles, and still maintained that dangerous look.  His body set the gold standard for years to come and is still highly influential today.

Brad Pitt helped begin an exercise revolution to get the lean, toned look

Over the past decade since Fight Club’s release, Hollywood has seen its share of more great bodies.  Pitt once again blew everyone away with his god-like body in Troy, packing on muscle mass after Fight Club.  Ryan Reynolds truly transformed himself in Blade Trinity where he sports an amazing set of abs.  The whole cast of the movie 300, including Gerard Butler, built great bodies worthy of the Spartans.  However, the most influential transformation involves Taylor Lautner, the star of Twilight who plays Jacob Black.

Taylor Lautner may help begin an exercise revolution for the latest generation

Celebrity Workouts and Diets

With all these great celebrity bodies, you would think there would be some common theme or lesson that could be extracted from their workouts.  However, for the most part, celebrity workouts and diets vary significantly from one another.  Some celebrities work out one muscle group per day; others perform full body circuit training workouts.  Some celebrities exercise for 2-3 hours per day; others simply do 30-40 minutes of high intensity training.  Some celebrities eat small meals every 2-3 hours; others eat regular meals but limit sugar or alcohol.

Ryan Reynolds exercised 2-3 hours per day, 6 days per week…do you have that much free time?

Despite the various workout routines, these celebrities all managed to get in phenomenal shape for their roles.  How did this happen?  Dedication and hard work.  Celebrities have a distinct advantage in getting great bodies, and it’s not genetics.  They simply have the time, money, and desire to get the best body possible.  If someone offered you $20 million to get in the best shape of your life in just 3-6 months, you’d find a way to do it even if it meant getting up at the crack of dawn, working out hours on end, and severely restricting your diet.

Jason Statham uses 30-40 minute high intensity workouts…much more reasonable for the average person

Because celebrities can dedicate long hours to getting good bodies, they have plenty of room for error in workout routines.  In other words, even the worst workout routine combined with a reasonable diet plan will help someone get in shape if they put enough time and effort into it.  Additionally, celebrities have personal trainers and nutritionists to keep them on track.  Unfortunately, the average working class individual has neither the time nor the resources.  This significantly increases the margin for error.

Hollywood Workout

So can you learn anything from a Hollywood workout?  I’d argue the only real lesson is that celebrity workouts and diets can help you get in shape with enough hard work, just like any other fitness program.  However, if you want to exercise more efficiently, then don’t simply follow your favorite celebrity’s workout and diet plan.  You may not be able to commit as much time to exercising.  Additionally, what works for their body may not work for yours.  Instead, strive for the Hollywood look, not the Hollywood workout routine, with more time efficient workouts.

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